Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For my walls...

New art! To hang when, (not IF, hear that inner pessimist?), my walls are finished. Yes, they are still in flux with no bookshelf to be seen. However, we've made an exciting decision to create a poor man's type built-in unit on one wall that will take the place of multiple bookshelves around the house. So... possibly the delay will be a good thing as it gave our minds time to hatch a better plan.

Awhile back I ordered a photo, taken by a friend of ours. Here it is! How odd to take a picture of a picture. This is of a bridge that we regularly cross on our favorite hiking trail.

I love everything about this picture. The location, the wisps of fog off the water. The coloring. Sigh...

Also a few weeks back we took our little budding photographer out on a hike and set her free with a camera. She came away with some amazing pictures, so I had to order my favorite one to add to our soon to be amazing, freshly painted walls, (hear that inner optimist?).

I also love everything about this picture. The sparkles. The colors. The fact that my daughter took it. :)

I will post pictures of the finished project. It shouldn't take long. We're only a homemade wall unit, about three coats of textured paint and a couple of picture frames away from completion. :)

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