Thursday, September 4, 2008

I know the secret!

Remember how my husband was planning a trip to surprise me and it was driving me crazy? He told me the plan after our life got crazy last week, and we decided to go ahead and make the trip. So tomorrow we are packing up our little ones and taking them over for a stay at Grandma's house. ("Where we get to stay up as long as we want to, right?" they ask. Sorry mom!) And the husband and I are headed here...

Which is the Michigan Renaissance Festival during the Wine and Romance theme weekend, if you can't tell by the busy graphic I stole from their website. I am so excited. Back in college I used to go every summer and when my step-son was young we continued that trend. However, we haven't been in a number of years. Part of us really wants to take the kids because they would love it so much they would never want to leave. But the whole carsickness thing, and the whole taking a trip alone with my husband for the first time in ten years thing... we are going to keep this trip to ourselves. Not to mention, grandma and the kids seem excited to be rid of us for a few days :)

We are out of here at noon tomorrow for a weekend of festival fun, amazing art, and a top notch hotel room. I love that guy.


rae said...

You two really deserve some time alone to celebrate life and each other. Be good to one another and renew yourselves.
Oh, and you know - hotel sex.;)

Mommylion said...