Monday, September 22, 2008

Magic Movie Monday

Mary Poppins. She's still awesome...

Today we started a new tradition. Mondays can be trying around here. Our business phone keeps me hopping on Mondays. There are two reasons this is good. One: Busy equals money, simple as that. Two: Very busy one day, typically means slow on other days, which means lots of time for the kids, hobbies and all the good stuff.

But what to do on Mondays? Especially today, since I was finishing my last freelance project of the year. YAY! Bring on the kid movies. Oh yeah. I was shocked at how few movies my kids have seen up until now actually. TV tends to annoy me with the yammering and such, and the noise of movies last WAY too long for my ability to tolerate them. Still, as I wandered the family film aisle at the video store I was shocked that my kids made it to age 7 and 5 without seeing Mary Poppins! Wow.

So we had a double feature today. Mary Poppins, and my kids loved the movie as I still do.

Then we watched Annie...

Now, Annie, was EXACTLY as I remembered it, but also completely the opposite. I STILL have every little word, nuance, and song memorized because I basically used to breathe Annie as a child. But since I cringed at the first line, it seems I am sick of it, even 2.5 decades later. The length of that movie is proof of my mother's sainthood, as I subjected her to it daily for at least a year. My kids will be lucky to see it again.

There are definitely things I like about Annie. I just have had my lifetime allotment of her. The main thing I liked from both of these movies is how the children look and act like CHILDREN. Annie is 10 and looks like a modern day 6 year old. She's scrappy, a tom boy, full of wonder and delight. Jane and Michael are the same, sweet, wide-eyed, mischievous kids. Not made-up 'tweens, with 'bratitude', in a movie created to make children into a next ultra-high consumer market at the expense of childhood. I can't stand that stuff.

I think next Monday I will look for Pippi Longstocking. Any other suggestions?

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