Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wake up call...

My little helper. She loves taking the leaves off thyme. This was the first time I let her tackle the carrots all the way from washing, peeling to chopping by herself. Didn't take pics though. Have to admit I was hovering during the chopping part.

I took the kids for a walk on Sunday while my husband stayed home and nursed a headache. He called me as I was returning from the park and told me his blood pressure was 189/112! Yikes... So I dropped the kids off at my mom's and took him to the hospital, just in case the headache was really a stroke or something. The hospital folk were more alarmed than I expected, which of course freaked me out quite a bit. When they are shuffling people with broken bits through while your husband takes up precious bed space for hours, you start to reassess priorities. We both survived and he was released 5 hours, a few major tests, a bunch of drugs and shots and a few thousand dollars later, with direct orders to go back on bp medication.

He used to take pills for his blood pressure, but weaned off through diet and exercise with his doctor's blessing. In light of recent stress and our quick fix attempts at battling stress through use of restaurants and fast food, having his blood pressure creep back up shouldn't have been a surprise to us. It is like our own personal trial of "Super-Sized Me." The ER version. Sheesh.

So off I went to the farmer's market to remedy our bad habits. When I got home, my daughter took her familiar place by my side to help in any tiny way possible. I thought, why is it that we are seduced by the idea of 'fast food' for comfort? When there is nothing more comforting than working side by side with family while the good smells of cooking embraces you.

All night long I kept smelling my hands. Even after several scrubbings they still had that onion, celery, carrot smell to them. It reminded me of my grandmother and my mother. Thousands of happy, warm meals. Just what the doctor ordered.


rae said...

Ooh. Not good. My guy is a high blood pressure guy too. Cooking from scratch and being fit really are the best helps - actually it's good for all of us. Take care of him. You all have had a rough few months.

Mommylion said...

I love dh's doctor. He put him on low dose pills, knowing our dislike for overmedicating, with the goal to work toward weaning off again within six months. It is hard to find doctors that don't just throw pills at you anymore.

BP freaks me out, sorry to hear your husband has it too.

Katherine said...

I'm fragile and whiny and don't feel good. And this made me cry. Damn it, that people we love get sick or hurt ever. It makes me mad and it makes me sad.

Now I'm crying again. I think I need some advil. It'll be ok. I'm so glad your husband is going to be fine and that he has you cooks cooking for him. What comfort in fast food, indeed!