Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Old dog... New tricks


I have always wanted to garden, but was born without the natural talent to keep plants alive. Over the years many, many plants have suffered under my ungreen thumbs. I gave up.

But one day we were at the store and told my daughter she could spend some of her money. Instead of being seduced by some new shiny toy, she chose a small plant. She is determined to plant a garden next spring and even picked out a book about flowers that thrive in Michigan that she studies daily. So I figured I would learn with her, starting with that little plant she clutched so proudly. Later, our friend gave me a baby from his spider plant and told me they were 'easy'. Then our friend died, so I have this intense need to see his little spider plant thrive. So that is two plants I've been mother to this summer. Two plants that have lived to see the fall.

So far so good. I have even had to transplant them both since they've grown so much. I think that is a good sign. A week ago my mom gave me a new plant. So I guess I am onto something.

A crafty little bouquet my kids made for me the other day while I was swamped with freelancing. The only types I've been trusted with in the past.

While I love crafty flowers, I look forward to growing the real thing and finally I have confidence it will happen. I know it is weird to change my opinion of my skills based on three hearty plants. But for me, this is a definite change. It makes me happy. I look forward to learning along side my children to get the feel for the earth, and to nurture plants that will in turn nourish us.

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