Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Supporting the Military

An open letter to any Republican who feels the need to scream at a Democrat about "abandoning the troops".

Please acknowledge that not all of our troops are Republicans. Also, be careful in your assumption that just because we are cursed 'liberals' that we do not have close family in the military. I am an Obama supporter that happens to have two members of my family that have served and are serving in Iraq. I also have a seventeen year old boy that is gung-ho to join the army when he graduates this year.

Within the last two weeks I have encountered such horrible, literally SCREAMING prejudice about this issue and I am so frustrated. People. Republicans don't have the frickin claim on the military. Last I checked we are the USA and I was under the impression that means we are entitled to our opinion. That is, in fact, what we have military for, to protect our freedoms.

So quit yelling at me as if this statement was a deal closer. It is NOT. I support our troops. Obama supports our troops. I don't know one 'liberal' who does not support our troops. So stop sounding STUPID, and THINK, before you offend the next military family you come across with your Fox News-propaganda, Palin-ish racism, blind-faith, dogma-filled, fear-based, messed-up view of the world that you feel the need to inflict on random people that surround you.

Okay, off my soap-box. For now.

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rae said...

I think that somewhere there must be some sort of a graph that shows the amount of stupid, irrational, baseless, hate-filled remarks in relation to the time remaining to the election. Listening to all the rhetoric ramping up on the right just makes my hair hurt.