Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today we had...

Illness :(

Basically a change from one pair of pajamas into another sort of day.

Crafts. Look at this crazy little flower box the girl created for her dollhouse. She used styrofoam she 'recycled' from my sewing machine box, pipe cleaners, paper and little puff balls. I love that kid. She's always doing these odd little spontaneous crafts.

And I started to teach the girl how to read patterns, which she took to really quickly. She even had the awesome observation that she could cut out the tiny examples of the pattern pieces from the instruction sheet and sew doll clothes from them. We agreed it would be better to scan them onto the computer and blow them up a bit first. But, what a cool idea!

Oh, and the kids learned by watching me how to use my sewing machine. How do I know this? Because when I returned to the room after starting their bath they had sewn decorative lines onto a bunch of card stock to make cards for 'best friends day'. YIKES!!! Mimicking when I did this when I was testing out the machine.
Not that I am against kids sewing, I am all for it. But I am realizing I should have given them lessons (and WARNINGS!) before I left them alone with the big tempting machine, huh? Luckily nothing was pierced or sewn together that should not have been due to my negligence.

Now I am trying to figure out if I can stand to watch the debate after today. I think I am going to pass and rest up for tomorrow. Daddy is still finishing a 14 hour work day and mommy needs a drink and a pillow.


rae said...

I hope your kiddos recover quickly. About that sewing machine and the warnings: Unplug it!!!! Please!!! We lived a very terrifying situation with my 8yo. Your daughter may be totally different, but C got caught somewhere between believing she understood the workings of the machine and the machine just moving tooooo fast. Needle THROUGH her thumb.

Katherine said...


br ill i ant!

Mommylion said...

Rae - Needle. through. her. thumb!!! THAT was what went through my head when I walked in. OMG that would be awful! Your poor girl! Oh yes, I will be way more careful from now on.

K - Don't you just love how kids' minds spin? I would have never thought about doing that.