Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just more cute kid crafts...


Every Halloween a co-worker gifts my children with a huge bag of Halloween toys and treats. 'Aunt Judy' is the goddess of Halloween. I bet you wish you knew the goddess of Halloween. She decorates every single room in her home, covering walls, ceilings, EVERYTHING with the most amazing Halloween decor. It's truly one of the coolest things ever. They even have a movie projector showing Rocky Horror Picture show during her annual Halloween party. It fits the scene perfectly.

Words can't describe this house, so I meant to take pictures this year the party. But I started drinking these tasty little beverages called Mike's Hard Lemonade and the only picture I actually took was of Aunt Judy in her Crazy Cat Lady outfit. And if I posted that Aunt Judy would kick my ass and I would be banned from the Halloween holy land.

Everyone should have an Aunt Judy with a Halloween house. She rocks. This mask was in the bag and my girl couldn't wait to decorate it. Yay glue! So instead of the coolest halloween pictures ever, I offer you another cute kid craft. Hey, I work with what I have :)

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