Saturday, November 22, 2008

Same Girl, Same Hat... New Attitude

December 2006

A few days ago.

To be fair though, see her dark circles? She's fighting a cold in this picture, so that's probably to blame for the snarky little 'tude she was pulling on me that day. Still, it is unsettling to catch a teenish look on a seven year old face. Eek!


Katherine said...

Whew, six/seven was a very sassy time at our house! Almost like two year olds. And there is some science behind this. Their brains actually undergo a big leap this year and their world gets bigger and they get bigger and also scared by all the bigness and so smartalecky.

Good luck, friend! :) k

Mommylion said...

Ahhh... lovely. Something to look forward to then?

Katherine said...

Last night Ry was sobbing when I went up to kiss her goodnight. I finally got it out of her. "Daddy scared me. He went down the hill and over the bridge too fast. I keep thinking about it and I get Lumphy in my stomach and it scares me!"

Me, "So we live near a bridge that scares you and now you are worried about having to cross it every day?"

"Yeeeeeeeeeesssssssss! waaaaah."

Sad, no? Who is more horrified, the Daddy or the daughter? Its a tiny bridge on a curve in a little valley, if you go 25 it feels REALLY fast. Sometimes, they are still so little. Its hard to be little.... and its hard to be big. Sometimes, life is hard!