Monday, November 17, 2008


I have been drowning in computer stuff and feeling all nearsighted and cranky. Actually, that isn't totally true. I am super happy and had an amazing birthday weekend. But I am tired from the travel, from working extra hours at the paper and from immersing every spare moment into solving my personal computer issues.

The good news is I went to Best Buy this weekend to buy the printer I have been eyeing for months since it was on sale there (my old one is currently wheezing out a long, ink-belching death), and my husband ended up buying me a (mostly) new computer! We were planning to expand our computer family but not until summer. So this is about six months ahead of 'our plan' because we found an iMac for $400 off. Sort of a 'surprise' computer conception. It was a return from a customer who decided she hated mac computers. (GASP!) And since Macs are hard to find at a discount and this one still had the full warranty... it was too good to pass up.

And in a couple weeks it will be a 'guilt-free' impromptu purchase because I accepted full time work for a few weeks at the local paper which will put back the money we spent from our savings. I hate spending anything going into the winter. But that paycheck will pad the piggy again.

The bad news is, our local geek squad was asking ME questions about Macs so I have had to gut it myself to make it all shiny new like it should be. But that got me an extra $100 off, so I was willing to do a little legwork for that. It was on display for about two weeks and some random customer had put in an (unknown) administrative password that was such a PAIN to work around. Holy brain ache batman. But I did it! Yay! And it is awesome to have two computers again in our screen lovin' family.

Now I need to figure out how to transfer my graphics software to this computer. Any ideas? It was purchased as a download, no cds and you can't install without the serial numbers, which I have but are attached to my old computer. I am thinking it will be something I have to contact Adobe about to prove I am not pirating it or something. But that can wait for another day. My brain is done thinking for tonight. Time for chocolate and vampire shows.

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