Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tired and grateful...

Yesterday was my boy's birthday. We had a pretty good day, but at bedtime the poor boy came down with a very sudden stomach thing; vomiting, very low body temp and then had trouble breathing. My husband ran out to buy a new thermometer because we thought for sure my kid's temp couldn't be under 95ยบ, but he felt so cold and that was what ours kept measuring. While daddy was gone, the boy did a weird gasping, not able to breathe thing that seemed to last forever so I called 911.

My husband arrived home about the same time as the police and ambulance and exactly at the moment my son threw up all down my back. But then his breathing regulated. So he was either choking or having an asthma attack but all that ended up taking a backseat to the concern over his inability to stop throwing up. They recommended taking him to the hospital, (but we drove, he wasn't ambulance ride sick at that point), and so we spent the evening in the place where he was born, but in less fun circumstances. But the good news is in both cases we got to bring him home :) From what it sounds like the whole darn town has the same stomach virus and it is pretty vicious.

Today we are exhausted, mellow and above all, grateful. Appropriate for Thanksgiving I suppose. I am grateful for people so inspired to become policemen and paramedics and ER staff. I know I couldn't do those jobs, but I sure feel comfort that others can and thrive at it. I am grateful I have my family around me, and what kind and good folk they are. I am happy that for once I am not freaking about cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Usually I work myself into a tizzy and my husband always says to relax, no one wants me to be Martha Stewart, they just want some turkey and mashed potatoes. So that is what we are having, and I am relaxed. Nothing like an ER visit for a healthy dose of perspective.

I have birthday party pics I will share later when I have the energy to mess with the camera. We had a fun "Jedi" themed birthday party on Sunday for my big five year old. I'm sure it will be after the holiday that I get around to all that. Until then wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


rae said...

Oh, Candy. Big hugs to you and your little guy. Enjoy your RELAXED holiday.

Katherine said...

Oh my gosh, oh my! I'm so sorry for your little fella. And so glad he's ok! whew, you must have been terrified. love, K