Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

For a long time I used to look down my nose at new year resolutions. Now I have decided to wholeheartedly embrace them. I am a list person. I am a planner. How can I NOT love new year resolutions? I have tried to make my goals for 2009 really mean something for my family. Of course I have the eat right/get in shape mindset. After the gorge-fest that is the holiday season, who doesn't feel that way? But that is just on my big goals of life list. The unwritten, no duh sort of rule that is always there. My goals for 2009 are gentler and feel right for me for this time.

My goals for 2009?

1. Wake up grateful for the day before me. I don't care if I rise early, late, tired or alert. I just aim for grateful. Maybe a mug of tea and gratitude. Life is short, passion-filled and amazing. Each day is more time! I am grateful for this time.

2. Listen more, listen better. I want to be more in the moment with my friends and family. I will work harder to not get so lost in the planning that I miss the event.

3. Reach out more to those around me. I want to be a better letter and thank you note writer, a better phone friend, a more attentive real life friend. I am not bad at this role, but I want to offer a bit more of myself to people. I hold onto reserves by my nature. I've learned that there is no reason to horde love. It flows continually.

See? Not too bad. It should definitely make for a more mindful year. Just the subtle tweaks that take a life from good to lovely.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year. The economy is crazy, the world is scary, people are scared and hurting. Let us all ride this coaster together with kindness and empathy. If we reach out, console, and allow others to do the same for us. We'll make it through stronger than before.

Happy 2009 everyone! And hey, it's an odd number. I've always preferred odd numbers :)


Mrs.Q said...

I may have to "borrow" your resolutions! Most insightful, wise...and yes, needed in this nutty world. Best of everything to you and your fabulous fambly in 2009!

SabrinaT said...

Everything here is always in odd numbers. They see it as a sign of bad luck to have even numbers!
Happy New Year.