Friday, March 6, 2009

Blah and Aak!

It is Friday and supposed to be the day to celebrate life and leisure. Not so during this Friday of my life. Not so.

My boy child has had this wacky little habit of staying up all night and then at some point in the wee morning hours having a sort of anxiety ridden overstimulated moment, where I find myself rocking him like he is a baby again. Not sure what is going on there. Maybe nightmares? Afraid of the dark? Upcoming virus? A one time random awake night that lead to a bad habit? Whatever it is, I am DRAGGING today. Not showered, half asleep, dragging.

My girl child is sick. Suddenly, without warning she started vomiting and told me her throat hurt. No fever, no half sick day leading up to it. I set her up next to her little tiny video game tv on a portable mattress so she can watch movies. Our regular tv broke about a month ago and we are saving up cash to replace it. The break from constant tv chatter has been nice, but today it would have helped to have some mindless shows for sick girl to veg to. She has some cute movies lined up though. She is an interesting little soul. She has me keep up a rotation of clean buckets to use if she gets sick so she doesn't have to run into the bathroom. She says being sick in the bathroom is boring. Okaaaay... But, if it makes her happy to watch Tinkerbell while she throws up, then who am I to judge?

My internet is spotty today. I can't seem to get to half of my favorite places with any regularity. Typically a day where I am weary and stuck with zoned sick kids, would find me indulging in major internet surfing.

I know there are worse things in the world. This mind frame seems rather indulgent in the face of world news, doesn't it? Sigh... I just needed a bit of a tantrum moment to get it all out of my system. I am better now, thanks internet. You are always there for me, except when you aren't. But hey. Who's perfect? Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and relaxing weekend filled with loved ones who sleep during the expected hours.

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