Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Can you guess what thing in this picture had to go?

Well, other than the Spongebob pillow. That is sort of a given, but the kids are attached. Not the guy on the computer either. Well, not today. Today he was a good boy. Give up? What is cold and white and still falling in my town? Yes, it was time for the snowflake lights to get packed away.

The kids were so upset with the lack of decoration however, that I splurged on these. I confess that I actually spent grocery money on fancy lights that look like stained glass flower buds. Sigh... It is pretty in that college dorm sort of way. And, no more snow. Honestly... I am not sold on them. I don't know. Were they worth passing over the pot roast for the hamburger helper? Or am I just hungry for pot roast now and it is clouding my ability to judge decorative lighting?

Another confession?

We aren't coloring regular eggs this year. Gasp!

The kids rebelled last year. The smell of the hard boiled eggs and the vinegar proved too much for their delicate selves. And well, we don't even eat them, so it seemed like such a waste. So we painted paper mache eggs instead. It was a hit. Over the past year I've picked up more whenever I found them on sale. Luckily, I ran across a couple the other day and realized I needed to find the stash. I figure we will each paint a couple each year and we'll sign and date them. Over the years the numbers will grow and we can use them to decorate the house.

These are pretty lame as far as confessions go, huh? Want more? Hmmm... Okay...
  • I bite my nails.
  • Sometimes my daughter makes a crazy screechy noise in the back of her throat that makes me come unglued in a crazed, frenzied, nails on chalkboard, locusts in head, sort of way.
  • I love to be up in middle of the night when everyone else in the house is asleep and google inane trivia.
  • I hate grocery shopping so much that I will put it off until we are literally stuck eating white rice and oatmeal for most meals. (Guess what we had for dinner tonight?) That's when my family decides to forcibly push me out the door with my grocery bags.
  • Yet, I won't let my husband grocery shop for me because I am too cheap and he splurges (hence the need to 'confess' my spring lights).
  • I sometimes drink the day old coffee left over in the coffee pot.
  • I was afraid of monsters in my closet and under my bed until college. I don't think I still am, however, I live in a house where the beds are on the ground, there is no 'underneath' and the bedrooms do not have actual closets. Closet organizers don't count, they are decidedly unscary. So who knows, maybe that fear still lurks within me...
  • I posted two blog posts today to make my mom happy. Hi, Mom! She's been bummed by my slow blogging lately.
Okay, enough confessions. Writing this post is cutting into my google time.


Anonymous said...

Im having some eyebrow issues right now. Where do I find that teen tutorial on Youtube? (say that fast)

Meanwhile, I think the posing thing comes naturally to girls. I really do. Like boys and shooting things. Sorry, feminists and gender studies people will probably hate me for saying so. But that's my theory. In general.

I like your confessions. We should all confess, because not only is it good for the soul, but the rest of us feel good knowing someone else is thinking/doing the exact same things! I wait FOREVER to go to the grocery store too. I let my husband go but I regret his choices. It's a trade off. Sigh.

Mommylion said...

Eyebrow tutorial I seriously ate up a whole evening the other night learning all sorts of makeup tips from teenagers. I figure it is a harmless midlife thing, a sort of self improvement crusade of sorts. Sort of fun in a silly way, you know?

Honestly, I see the fashion/girl, gun/boy thing here. We don't parent that way and I know people who would love to argue with me about conditioning. But some of it so honestly baffles me that I don't know how I could be causing it, you know? All I know is my girl loves to be a 'girl' and it has even worn off on me a bit. I find myself wanting to be more girly, because she makes it look fun.

Mommylion's Mom said...

Thanks for feeding my "In a Tiny House" addiction! I have missed you!

Katherine said...

Grocery store/husband/splurging/hypocrite! ME TOO!!! Is it a cowgirl thing?

You rock, by the way. As Rae says, Muah! : )

Mrs.Q said...

My mini-Christmas tree is still sitting on my kitchen table.

Let's not discuss the eyebrows.

Heather said...

You know, if you add a smidge of water to that day old coffee and run it through the pot again, it tastes just like fresh. Just sayin.

I've put off going to the grocery store for three days. The kids had cooked rice with a bit of sugar and milk for breakfast today, and an eclectic mix of leftovers for lunch. I'm supposed to make Easter Dinner for my parents on Sunday, so I suppose I can't put it off any longer. Sigh.

Btw, love the lights. I thought they were eggs at first. You can get decorative lights for just about any holiday/event.

Mommylion said...

Mom - Hi, Mom!

Mrs. Q - your mini tree is a work of art, my eyebrows are but raw material. But it is true that I believe I am done discussing my eyebrows. I tried the plucking and it hurts. It HURTS.

K, strength in our hypocritical numbers!

Heather, thanks for the coffee trick, I didn't know it. I love rice, milk and sugar, btw. I could eat it every day.