Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Retirement!

My mother-in-law seeing her kitchen for the first time. She was very sad leaving work for the last time and so we were extra happy we went through the effort to do this today.

The room wasn't in tip top form yet as she returned home a couple hours earlier than we anticipated. But the painting was done and the table cleaned up and skirted. The paint needs to dry completely before I can hang the new curtains. Tomorrow I am going to clean the kitchen until it is a showroom. I'll post more pictures then, unless I can no longer move my arms, which may be a very real possibility judging how they feel right now.

Inspired by the blue and white table. I chose this paint combo from Walmart, which was the only place open for spontaneous evening paint purchases.  The material for the skirt and curtains is a twin sheet set that I bought for $9.50. I have to go back and get a few more for our actual beds.

This is what kept me busy this morning before MIL went to work. Measuring, figuring and sewing.

Ta Da! My little blue table. Big improvement over the rickety beast she had before. She has a big table in the dining room, so there was no reason for a large one in the kitchen. It is no more, and in its place... cuteness for under $10. Can't beat that!

Needs a good cleaning, but the color is much calmer :) I love how it makes the old linoleum countertop look nice again. 

Another shot for comparison with the 'before' pics in the previous post.
A long and emotional day! It probably wasn't one of my sanest ideas, but since a whole group of us joined into the crazy vision, we pretty much pulled it off. Yesterday the weather was so nice I spent the afternoon raking and today I did this. I hurt! But I am digging this transition from stagnant winter self, to the go, go, go, spring self. So yay, for the sun and the energy she brings! 

And congratulations to my mother-in-law for doing your job so well that people cried when you left. That is a sweet testament in this hardcore work world.


rae said...

That table is adorable! I love the colors too. Much better - ahhhhhhhh.

I'd suggest you rest and all of that, but I'm sure you're now moving onto curtains and artwork and, and, and. :)

Katherine said...

Hey, what a good daughter in law you are. Nice job! : )

Critter's critters said...

Are you going for the best daughter award? Cleaning mom's basement... redoing mom in law's kitchen... thanks for picking up my slack!

Mommylion said...

Rae - yes, the rest was needed! Thanks everyone for the kind words :)

Christy - I have to do something for attention. First, you have a kid in a body cast, and then you bought mom a laptop. I am lucky she even remembers my name. ;) I am so excited for you guys tomorrow!!! Hope he can get that cast off for good now!