Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things that sorta scare me....

She put down the yoga mat, handed me my camera and told me to take pictures. Then she started posing. What is this? Where did she even pick it up? I am a 35 year old that is finally learning how to do her eyebrows properly thanks to youtube and teenage girls who like to create makeup tutorials. (Wow, did I need those things a couple decades ago.) I don't think she's getting this fashion thing from me. Not that her outfit is 'fashion', but she sure thinks so. I personally think the striped socks complete the look.

Oh, and the laundry in the background scares me too. I hate laundry as much as I dislike catwalks and fashiony things of that nature. We don't watch fashion shows on TV and nothing resembling Hannah Montana at all. I have a low 'tween' threshold.

Check out her dad in the background. I don't think my daughter wants to know what he is thinking. I am guessing it is along the lines of not allowing her out of the house without a chaperone until 25 and maybe something about chastity belts. Or maybe he's wondering when I am going to attempt to do my eyebrows, and whether he should record the fun and put it on youtube? Who knows. Men are hard to read.

Not this one though, she's rather upfront with how she feels about things. Right, princess? But in all honesty, she is as sweet as she looks. I just laugh at what a little 'girl' she is. Surrounded by all the boys and with me as a hopelessly clumsy example of femininity. Maybe it is a sort of pink and fuzzy rebellion against the rest of us. :)

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