Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Mail Day!

You know it is a good day when the mailman leaves behind a little box like this one. (I had already opened it here, that is why some of the stuffing is sticking out. )

I've been browsing etsy and artfire quite a bit lately. Just in awe of all the amazing things that people create. I have decided to purchase as many of my gifts for people this year as possible from artists and crafters. I've tried in the past but events tend to sneak up on me and my wallet. Not this year, I am planning ahead!

But this post isn't about what I've bought for other people. Nope. This one is unapologetically all mine. I simply couldn't resist - because look...

Sigh... Gasp... How gorgeous is this tile? I promise you it is even more delicious in real life. I was going to hang it in my art room/office. But I might have to hang it in my kitchen. 'Create' works in a kitchen just as well, I think. And well, it just looks amazing in there. So I guess that means I have to get another one for the art room. Maybe one that says 'joy' or maybe 'balance'. Boy do I need balance... But that is a different kind of post altogether.

Who is the amazing artist behind this tile you ask? Rachel, a potter from central Texas who was born on Howdy Doody's birthday (gleaned that jem from her profile on ArtFire). Tilesmile is the name of her artfire shop, and honestly once you visit it is hard to get those pretty little tiles out of your head!

UPDATED: I just looked closer at the box she sent me and noticed it has an etsy address on it too. So here is a link to her etsy store. And there I discovered the tile I want for my art room. 'Art before housework' seems rather fitting, no?


Anonymous said...

Well for the love of all that is good! I LOVE those tiles! I had this dream of finding original handmade tiles and putting them in quirky places around the house...I gotta pull that dream out again. Here's to great mail!


cousin Deb said...


I just found your blog the other day and went back and read from the beginning. You are a great writer and your blog is so fun to read!

Mommylion said...

Maria, I love your idea of tiles in quirky places around the house. I might have to steal that idea from you! Esp. now that I found this tilemaker :)

Debra - thanks for taking the time to read my silly ramblings. What a sweet comment :) Totally made my day! Stop back anytime.