Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My midlife crisis

Midlife crisis is overhyped, don't you think? When a teenager or young adult changes a behavior dramatically, we blame it on youth and trying on roles, assuming at some point our personalities become fixed. I suppose that is when we know we are all grown up, when we become predictable. But then inevitably people change again, don't they? However, for some reason, simply due to the passage of time, it is now a 'crisis'. Maybe what I am objecting to here is the word 'mid-life' more than crisis. I don't know. But I shun the term. Shun, I say.

Just because I have never been a makeup girl doesn't mean that can't change now. I still hate if I feel like I am wearing makeup. I don't want people to look at me and see makeup. But at 35 I am beginning to see the advantage of some well placed concealer. Does 35 make me mid-life if I intend to live to be 120? I think not!

So I've been browsing, learning, mostly via youtube, I think I've mentioned this before. I've discovered in my search a wonderful product called Everyday Minerals. You've heard of Bare Minerals, I am sure. These are like those, but different. Different as in cheaper, and they don't have some of of the ingredients from Bare Minerals that irritate my skin. Not to mention a million fun colors. I've ordered from them twice now and each time was able to do a free trial of 5 of their foundation/concealer products. They have such a large variety of colors, you can literally find your exact shade, so I love their free trial program. I also picked up sample sized eyeshadows and blushes, because you know... self control is for people not having a mid-life crisis.

They come in these sweet little shaker containers and a tiny amount goes a long way. Being the organizational freak that I am, I was frustrated with sorting through a million little jars every time I wanted to make an attempt at beauty. The beauty part is hard enough. So I came up with this. I had a magnetic board that wasn't in current use so I put little adhesive magnets on the tops of each jar. Voila! Makes reading those little tiny labels easier for my middle aged eyes. I plan to hang it on the wall and get a mirror to hang above it. But so far I've just been propping it up against the wall and carrying it to the mirrors on hand.

Here is an example of the makeup in use. Beautiful, no?

If you are a someone hankering after some fun, light makeup then I highly recommend Everyday Minerals. For all ages. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't care what you call this "crisis" but the question is will you PLEASE come organize my house. If I buy you a ticket will you come? Because I need your brand of help.

Meanwhile, that bear looks GREAT whatever he's done to his eyes, I'm lovin' and he should stick with that look.

Off to check out Everyday Minerals. You should get paid to endorse them. I'm just sayin'...

Mommylion said...

I suppose I should have shown a before pic of the bear, to give a real feel for what the makeup is capable of. My post is a total commercial. I am a dork. I believe advertising should be free and done with love, but it is probably because I have a $400 bill to our local newspaper sitting at my elbow right now. Blah!

Hmmm... trade organization for a vacation? I think I should start a business doing that. :) Honestly though, I walked around taking pictures of my 'real' life today, just for you. I'll do a post after we clean it back up. You will then understand why I organize so.