Thursday, May 28, 2009

Normal Thursday

A normal day, thank goodness. Yesterday, was my stepson's 18th birthday and pictures for the dance recital. Tomorrow is dress rehearsal, Saturday the recital. Sunday is the birthday party day for my stepson. Today, we are basking in normal average day-ness. Nothing exciting except a bit of rain outside, so we're keeping cozy inside. And we are enjoying it!

Today, I sewed a little practice dress for my daughter out of an old sheet. I wanted to test out the Miss Madeline pattern I downloaded the other day before I used it on any fancy material. We are both really happy with it. It came together really easily and she loves it. I am trying to convince her to let me turn the practice dress into a summer shirt for her, but so far no luck. I think it would look cute with cropped pants. But I will definitely be using the pattern more for both shirts and dresses. A very fun and quick project for a very fun and relaxed day.

Hope your Thursday was as laid back and enjoyable as ours. I am gathering my energy to get ready for for the weekend ahead of us. It should all be fun, but I'll take the laid back quiet times when I can get them!

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