Thursday, May 21, 2009

My baby is starting to read! There is much rejoicing in the land!

See this kiddo? He's learning how to read. He was born to move. He runs, jumps, moves, skitters and flies. Sitting still? Not so much. So the methods used for his sister's reading journey were not working for him. One day we stumbled upon Headsprout and signed up for the free trial. He completed all the free lessons within an hour and asked for more.

I admit that I choked at the price. I got a great deal with a group co-op buy, which helped, but still rather pricey. But I have to admit that this has been one of the best purchases I've made yet, education-wise. Not only is he starting to read, but he is LOVING the whole thing. That is big to me. I don't want the ability to read to be the main objective here. I want kids that love to read.

We've had the program for a couple weeks. After the fifth lesson we printed out a little book that was written with words he learned in lessons 1-5. Basically, enabling him to 'read' the book alone. He was so proud of this accomplishment. It was all sunshine and rainbows. You wouldn't think it could get better than this, right? Wrong.

A few days ago my boy got a package addressed to him. "Look mommy, it is my very first package!" In it were 'real' copies of many of the program books, and a progress chart with stickers to keep track of the lessons he's completed. He sat down right away and put stickers on the eleven lessons he's completed. Today he finished lesson twelve, which meant I got to print him out yet another little book and set of flash cards.

Seriously, we are all just glowing over this program. He used to get so frustrated that he wasn't learning to read fast enough for his energy level. But Headsprouts cute online games (lessons) take that frustration level away AND he experiences success so quickly with the little books created from the learned words. The combination is really powerful for him. (And me.)

Here's a little video of him reading his first two books. The audio is really low because it was taken with my point and shoot camera. But he wanted me to post it to my blog to 'show my friends'. :) He is a proud little guy. And I am a proud mama.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Sprouts. Can I call you that? It seems appropriate!

We are VERY impressed with your new reading skilz! I am impressed that you did this online because I find it hard to learn on a computer. You are way smarter than a 40 year old! How does that feel!?

Keep up the good work. It sounds like you are very proud, and you should be! It also sounds like you love to learn and that is awesome!

Yours truly,

Mommylion said...

Aww... Maria, that was really sweet :)

Katherine said...

Oh, yayayayayayayayayayay! And in his batman shirt too. What a wonderful accomplishment. : )

RegularMom said...


Mommylion said...

Thanks everyone :) He's a happy little guy now that reading is starting to unlock for him. It has been really fun watching him figure stuff out.