Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who told me I could sew?

This is not my daughter, it is the online store pic of the costume my daughter will be wearing for her dance recital for her tap dance. Except hers is like five hundred times too large. My son is also in the tap class and this costume is obviously for a girl clown. At first the teacher was going to get me two yards of the polka dot material so I could make him his own costume. But then another little boy joined the class and that boy's mom was going to make the boys a different look altogether. Well, the other little boy left the class. So basically I ended up with four hair ties worth of polka dot material to make into a costume for my boy. Luckily, he's a small kid, but that is still not enough material to do much with.

Unfortunately, what I have come up with so far isn't really working. At first I had a silvery holograph type material that I was going to make the vest and pants out of, but it was really odd looking once together. I was going to make a pink tie with that combo that sort of matches the girl costume tie. So I got creative and used the pink in a vest instead. I liked it until I added the polka dot ruffle. Now we are back to girl costume territory. We are also running out of time as pictures are next Wednesday.

But I am not giving up yet. I am going to try to make a big tie with the polka dot material (If I can combine it with some white to make it big enough.) It might make the vest work. Or I might add pockets to the vest to cover some of the pinkness. I'll try those things first before I tear it apart and start over again. I am so sick of sewing clown costumes. I keep telling myself he will look very Vegas, because I just want to be done. That isn't necessarily a bad thing in show business, right? Yeah, I know, I know - I am that bad mommy who dresses her little boy in holographic fuchsia and puts him on stage in front of the town. Sigh...

But I am not sick of sewing. Actually, I really look forward to playing with the other fabric I bought when I picked up the pink and silvery weirdness.

This material is all double sided. Gorgeous stuff. I am thinking about using the light/dark green stuff for this pattern I bought the other day. The Miss Madeline downloadable pattern. I like the idea of using elegant royal type material on a peasant type dress. We'll see if it works. It is my reward for myself when I get the crazy clown issues behind me. Wish me (him) luck!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pattern for the Miss Madeline dress! Also love all that beautiful fabric! I felt a very fairy/mermaid vibe looking at it. And by the way I am telling you that you can sew. Good grief. I can hem, and that is pushing it!
By the way, I like the vest.


MiniKat said...

Good luck to all of you! I think you're braver than me to sew with that stuff. I'd go bonkers for sure. ;-)

Mommylion said...

Thanks! I am trying. The costume isn't done yet and clock is ticking. Speeding up actually is how it feels. It is his first time on stage and I just want the poor little guy to feel handsome.

After mid-June all the recital/graduation/birthday bruhahas will be complete and I am going to relax and sew fun stuff that won't be seen on stage in front of the whole town. It sounds really good right now.