Monday, June 1, 2009

Pictures from recital day...

Hair and makeup done and ready for the show!

The girl's other costume. (Never found the hair ribbon.)

The only mishap was at the end, when my poor little guy waddled out onto stage. He was loaded down with nine bouquets of flowers! (During the bows at the end, the dancers bring the flowers that were sent to them.) Apparently, my boy has quite the fan base AND he somehow ended up with two meant for his sister.

It was one of those things that was funny and cute for everyone else, but horrifying for him. Don't worry, he's over it now, and so am I - it was really hard to watch him struggle up there! I came close to hopping onto stage like the overprotective parent I am and carry off my little star.

Notice my daughter gazing lovingly at a carnation while her brother struggles (don't worry, she has her own bundle of flowers in her other hand). A distracted sister and a mom taking photos of the ordeal - I bet you are glad you weren't born into this family.

The plunder.

In vases.

I don't have that many pictures of the dances because I was busy watching. The show was amazing this year. The dancers were so talented and vibrant, with great songs and costumes. Rather exciting for our small town, actually. Very fun. But I admit, I am glad it is all done now. No classes until next September which is really nice. This mom is worn out! I'll need the rest too, since the girl informed me she wants to add jazz to the dance line-up. So basically, I'll be needing rest and a second job!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, C, just awesome! Love that little yellow number!


Critter's critters said...

It was wonderful!! I loved it all!