Friday, July 24, 2009

Award, yay!

Doc tagged me with this award. I don't know if I am Queen of All Things material, but sometimes I do feel like the Queen of All Wild Things. With all of the roaring, and gnashing and claws around here. Not much of going to bed without dinner though. Wait... what? Oh, yes. Award.
I often ignore tags because I have blog tagging anxiety disorder. That's real, right? It should be. But hey, this award makes me a Queen of All Things Awe-summ. How can one ignore such honor? And to be awarded by Doc, is well, sort of like unexpectedly getting picked in the first round for gym class kickball. Both exciting and intimidating all at once. Hi, blog traffic! My shy little blog didn't know whether to primp or slink into the corner and wet its pants a little bit.
The steps to becoming a Queen are…
1. List Seven Things That Make You Awe-Summm!
2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers you read religiously.
3. Tag those seven bloggers. 
Seven things that make me awe-summm (At least in my own little world):
1. My family. We are a group of people that can rock a spontaneous kitchen dance party.
2. Kindness. Why not? I can't change the world, but I can change me. I actively champion kindness.
3. I have two webbed toes on each foot, as does my whole family. I secretly feel this makes us more highly evolved. Separate toes? Who needs them? (No, my husband and I are not related...)
4. I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. My parents used to buy my sister and me jars of cherries. It kept us quiet for hours at a time. Now that I am grown, I have serious questions about their vision for my future after naming me Candy and supporting the cherry stem habit...
5. I am a mad doodler. Well now, doesn't that sound sort of dirty. Esp. after the cherry stem admission. But truly, I don't take notes - I doodle. Whether at meetings or classes or just talking to someone. It's a good thing I have a good auditory memory since I have no control. The meeting ends, I look down and my paper is covered in loops, swirls and pictures.
6. I dislike labels. Especially ones that are such strong definitions that people stop seeing each other for who they are and just see the label. It is silly, lazy and dangerous to our society. 
7. I am an insatiable 'jack of all trades, master of none'. But I choose to embrace it. Hey, life is short. Do stuff. Make stuff. 
Now, to pass it on to seven others. This is the hard part for me because of the previously mentioned blog tagging anxiety disorder. And there is the whole probably not hitting seven because I am a notorious blurker (blog lurker) and don't comment nearly enough. I know, I know... bad form. But hey, baby steps. So basically you know these women are very deserving to make my small list :)
Critter at Critter's Critters  (say that five times fast)... She deserves this for being my sister and for not taking pictures of me in my rollerblading gear. That is a bonus for us all, believe me.
Mrs. Q ... totally deserves this for making me laugh. I don't knit, I don't have cats (but only because of allergies), I homeschool - she's a public school teacher, I'm American and she's from one of those other countries... but rarely have I read anyone whose humor I 'get' so well.  Mrs. Q, your blog is better than coffee in the morning.
MiniKat... totally deserves this for her friendly, fun blog. She has gorgeous miniatures, lots of links to interesting blogs, fiber arts & sewing, and adorable bunnies all mixed with her life stories. MiniKat, your blog is always a joy to read.
Miss Melinda ... deserves this more for being my real life friend than blogging (since she doesn't do that near enough - but who am I to criticize, right?) Seriously though, Melinda embodies awesomeness. She just does. And she uses a picture of my daughter as her blog banner, so I think she probably deserves it for that alone.

Thank you Doc, for the award. You are the original Queen of All Things Awesome :)

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