Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is just time...

Hand washing the new swimwear. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the fun bright colors against the white sink. Makes me almost believe it is summer.

Who cares if it is an average of 65ยบ outside, right? It is way past time to break out the swimwear for summer. My little ones are about to rebel at the lack of water play this year. So I decided that filling up a kiddie pool would probably not induce hypothermia. I can't promise any beach trips, I just don't have the heart to sit on a freezing beach and watch my kids turn blue around the mouth after five minutes in the lake. But I no longer have it in me to deny them afternoons in the sprinkler. Kids are tough. Me, not so much.

I'll be the one in the jeans with the look on her face that will make anyone think twice about getting me with a squirt gun. I am not really one for extreme temperatures. So to be honest, for me this weird extended spring has been sort of nice. But the kids are craving bathing suits, popsicles melting in the sun, sun screen and bug repellant. And while I can't provide the heat, but we can work around the lack of it  within reason.

So last night I washed up the suits and today I will fill the kiddie pool. Who knows, maybe it will clue the weather into what it usually does around this time. The good news about a late summer? Insanely good deals on bathing suits. We may only get a couple months of use out of them, but it is easier to take if you only spend $12. So happy summer to everyone. I proclaim it officially here. (Got that weather?)

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