Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My summer food...

Today I made salsa and hummus. I love having it on hand for quick meals. My jalapeño peppers were bad though, so I'll need to add those later. The little black pieces are black olives. I accidently grabbed chopped instead of sliced olives. BTW, if the above picture makes you feel sick than you are in the same league as my kids and husband. I am the only one who likes food like this in the house.

This was my first attempt at making hummus. I used garbanzo beans, tahini, olive oil, lots of lemon juice, garlic and salt and pepper. It turned out surprisingly good. I am so excited. The tahini was expensive but will pay for itself after I make this recipe about three times, since deli hummus is not cheap. And wow, straight up tahini is kind of like eating a big spoonful of soil, isn't it? I don't hate it, but I won't wake up in the middle of the night craving it. If I fed it to my husband I think he would see is as grounds for divorce. He thinks tea tastes like dirt, I can't imagine what his taste buds would do to tahini.

I've been making awesome sandwiches with this stuff lately. On those fancy wraps you buy in the deli, like sundried tomato or garden vegetable. I spread the wrap with hummus, cover it with lettuce and a bunch of my salsa. Top with some greek yogurt, salt and pepper and almost die from the glory of it all. I'll have to take a picture of one of the sandwiches next time I make one. They are gorgeous.

I love how summer makes me crave food like this. I love winter soups, chili and baking too. But this kind of food just makes me feel alive. And it serves as inspiration to my children. As in, please help me pick up this mess or we will have mama's salsa for dinner. They've been pitching in a lot more lately ;)


Critter's critters said...

I'm a bit depressed now- eating my ham and cheese sandwich on regular-store bought- fake wheat bread, a coke zero and baked cheetos. Do you do take out?

Katherine said...

Yum! : )

cousin Deb said...

Oh, you are making me drool. I love hummus but have never tried making it. Thanks for the idea!