Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yay! Fireworks!

I love fireworks. They make me weepy though. Does anyone else cry at fireworks? Just me? Huh...

We had a BEAUTIFUL July 4th weekend here. The stars aligned, the angels sang, and the weekend unfolded in a strange sort of perfection that rarely actually happens. The weather, the parade, the fireworks,  the annual art fair, the crowd attitudes... All was just fun, exciting and made living the small town life seem ideal, if only for one perfect weekend.

We went to the art fair this morning. I love supporting artists and try to as much as possible, however, like everyone right now we are trying to conserve. But - I discovered an artist new to the fair, whose work spoke to my soul. At first I refrained from buying. I talked myself out of it and left the fair without going back to her booth.

But I sat at home and obsessed. Enough to get back into my 'being seen in public' clothing. Enough to get back into my sun baked car. Enough to go back into the now midday art fair crowd. And picked out some of her art with zero guilt. I had planned on one big picture, but came home with three medium sized. It sounds really overboard, but her prices were way too low. I wasn't going to barter backwards though, so I bought three. It made sense at the time.

But look... so pretty. You can click on the pics to make them larger.

Can't beat folk art bought on the the Fourth, right? It is hard to take photos of framed pictures, but hopefully you can see some of the awesome detail in spite of the glare. She had such a variety, from mermaids, to Abraham Lincoln collage type paintings, to holiday, to a million other things. I had such a hard time deciding. Alas, she is not online which is such a bummer for my mad midnight art purchasing moments, but good for my wallet and that whole conserving the resources thing.

The art find was a big cherry on top of the perfectly sweet weekend. Now we are sitting around this evening in our cool house. We are all sun baked, feet weary from walking many miles, stomachs full of food from the grill and grateful for this time together. I hope everyone had a nice and safe weekend. It is always interesting getting back into the regular routine after a holiday weekend, isn't it?

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Critter's critters said...

I like the frames as well as the art. Certainly worth going back... plus, I think the 4th is the new Christmas- at least according to our wallets and toys after the weekend! So, Merry 4th to you!