Friday, September 4, 2009

Life is a ball...

Can you believe I forgot we had this thing?

A bit larger than a soccer ball. Though after the kids were done rolling around inside like hamsters, they did have fun pushing it around in a soccerish manner. Since they could not see over or around it, it made it hard to actually score a goal.

It makes a cool little fort too. A fun place to hide from the adults who are too big to join in the fun. Bummer that - my husband and I were completely jealous.

Thank you, Grandma! This was a Christmas present from my mom. What lucky kids, huh? I had tucked it away to wait for warm weather. Whew! I almost missed it. Actually, it was perfect weather for it as the kids got quite warm running around inside.

Part of me really wants to take it to the sand dunes. That would either be the ultimate ride or a complete nightmare. The responsible mother in me says skip it, but something about this thing makes me feel like the child I used to be. The child that used to empty out her toybox, climb inside and roll down the stairs inside of it. Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

That is SO stinking cool, no wonder your jealous! Somewhere, somehow they must make an adult version?!