Saturday, September 26, 2009

More painting...

What can I say? I was born Catholic, and while I am no longer Catholic, I still dig religious iconography. It evokes feelings of comfort and mystery to me.

I am setting small goals. I have so many arts/crafts that I enjoy, I have often spent more time finding what I want to do and setting up, than I spend completing projects. The kids are (finally) at an age where they go to bed reasonably well, giving me evening hours each night to use however I wish. (Cue music, Ode To Joy would be apt for this post.) Of course this weird, glorious freedom is accompanied by crazy biological clock cries for another baby... Sheesh. But that is another type of crazy entirely. (And perhaps my recent draw toward Madonna paintings lately. Hmmm...)

A few months ago I rediscovered audiobooks. Perfect for dark fall/winter evenings, listening to good books and keeping my hands busy. Small goals. Small knitting projects. Now, small paintings. I thought a series of ATC sized mixed media paintings seemed fun, not intimidating. So last night I sat down and decided I want to paint religious iconography, fairy tales and trees. And then without letting myself think, I just started. It was fun.

My goal is to keep up with the little paintings, learning as I go. I'll also do the same with knitting. Maybe I'll take a couple short classes this winter. Hopefully by next winter, my goals will grow along with my skill :)


cousin Deb said...

The picture is lovely! You are so talented!

Mommylion said...

Thank you, cousin Deb. You always have such kind comments :)