Sunday, September 27, 2009

Painting with my daughter...

My daughter and I painted together this afternoon as planned. It was too windy to set up outside. After a walk in the park where we almost got blown away, we sat in our warm living room with tea and paints. Then both proceeded to get very frustrated with our efforts! It is kind of funny in hindsight. We tried! Since I am doing this as a form of exercise for my fingers, I didn't mind as much, but my little girl takes herself very seriously and got really frustrated. I really loved a picture she did of a boat at night under stars, and will try to persuade her to let me post it on here. But tonight I didn't have her permission.

Here's my little painting for the day. I don't love it and I could pick it apart, but I am trying not to do that and to just look at this as fun and simple in order to keep this little artistic momentum going. I actually enjoyed going through the experience of a 'failed' art attempt with my daughter. It isn't often we both hit a frustrated, self-doubting patch at the same time.

We are both typically rather unflappable about art, with the desire to create overpowering the fear of failure. Usually we just shrug our shoulders over this sort of thing, but we were a bit tired and had high hopes for the group effort. I've been painting so much lately which always gets the kids really excited. Have you noticed how kids get mesmerized when adults become absorbed in something with childlike intensity? So our grumpiness at the uncooperative paint was interesting to say the least. But we helped each other find parts of our pictures to enjoy and we had fun in the end. She's a good little art partner.

I might keep doing this little painting project but I don't know if I will keep making posts about each card. I might try to find a widget that I can post a photo of the day on the sidebar and put them there. I've seen something like that on other blogs, so I will snoop around and see what I can come up with. Anyone know where to find such an animal?

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cousin Deb said...

I love your paintings and hope your little girl will let us see it!