Saturday, September 26, 2009

Small painting project #2

I enjoy the creative energy my daughter and I bounce off each other during the day. Today she had the wool roving spread around the house, needle felting imaginary creatures. The colors were gorgeous splashes of happiness around the room, which had me itching to paint and play with colored pencils. Which led to both kids watching me and asking me a ton of questions and the scheduling a painting 'date' together tomorrow afternoon. If the weather cooperates maybe outside.

These little paintings are so small it hardly feels intimidating, only fun. It is easy to ignore the imperfections when the painting is the size of a playing card.


rae said...

Oh! That is gorgeous!

Sarah said...

So sweet!

Mommylion said...

Thank you :)

cousin Deb said...

Ooh I love that one too!

Lindy said...

so beautiful... you're truly so talented!