Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What was old is new again...

I was cleaning out a storage area this afternoon and found a dusty old Darth Vader carrying case. Inside were several of my husband's old Star Wars action figures. After a quick vacuum and wash, playtime ensued!

Generations of fun. :) I don't know which 'kid' was more excited.

My son is such a lucky kid having a much older brother and a father who comes from a boy heavy family. My husband is one of four brothers (and a lone sister, poor girl). Every so often we stumble upon a box squirrelled away somewhere that contains treasures of the small boy variety. Early this summer there was a large box of Marvel action figures from brother Josh. Last summer it was a huge box of Lincoln Logs. Now this little batch.

I think the case is as cool as the figures. I can't remember if I had a case like this as a child, or if I just coveted one enough to feel like I had one. I definitely had Star Wars toys though. I remember wanting one of the big silver walking robot things so badly I could hardly stand it. My husband claims to have had one, but so far it hasn't turned up in any dusty old boxes stored around the place. So it looks like I am still out of luck on that one.

So it was all in all a good evening. I mucked out an area of the house that has needed it for a long time and have hope that by the holidays our house will have no room, corner, closet or cabinet stuffed with junk just to 'store it temporarily'. (Definition: just stuff it away so we don't see it anymore).

The worst things that seem to multiply when my back is turned are electronic cords. I have this fear that as soon as I throw one away, it will be the exact one I need to use. In hindsight I should have labeled them as acquired and then I could feel safe throwing them out. Alas, that is an idea I am stumbling upon a bit too late. I have ten years worth of gadget cords I need to sort!

It is sort of ridiculous, isn't it? I can't believe I am confessing to it on my blog. But they will soon be sorted and it will be one more thing to check off the ongoing task list. I love checking stuff off that list. Especially when doing so leads to toys. :)


cousin Deb said...

I love Star Wars you lucky people!

Mommylion said...

We are big Star Wars fans here too. It was a very good find! :)