Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another little painting...

I don't mean to fill my blog with little paintings, but I have been bad about taking pictures during the day lately. It isn't until evening when I am at my desk painting that I think to pick up the camera. I also wanted to take a picture of this one because I like the little guy, but I am not done with the picture. I want to define more in it, maybe with colored pencils - so there is a very good chance I will overwork it. Just wanted to capture it before that happens.

I made pumpkin bread today and it was the best recipe I've ever tasted. I just randomly googled 'pumpkin bread recipe' and printed this one out because it seemed simple. The only changes I made were to use one cup of brown sugar and one cup of white sugar (eliminating a cup of sugar altogether - obviously more like pumpkin cake with all this sugar). Also, instead of cloves I used a teaspoon of chai spice, because my husband dislikes a strong clove taste. I had company here this afternoon and we were all smelling it while it baked. Out of two large loaves, there is only about a third of one left. Perfect fall recipe!


rae said...

Your art continues to amaze me. It seems so effortless, yet so captivating.

I LOVE the idea of chai spice. I wonder how far I'll have to drive to find that. I can already taste it with pumpkin! Such a yummy idea!

cousin Deb said...

Each one of your paintings are lovely!

Mommylion said...

Thank you both :) It isn't effortless, but it is done entirely for fun which makes the whole project feel really laid back. I've been reading books and websites to try to get myself past the doodling I've done for three decades. A sort of unschooling adventure for myself. I see it as a long term project though, with no pressure.

Rae - The chai spice is made by mccormick, so you might find it more easily than you think. I got mine during a half off sale after the holiday season last year, so this is the time of year they probably stock it. I like adding it to all sorts of things since my husband and kids have a thing for chai.