Sunday, October 11, 2009


Some shots I took on our drive to the state park this afternoon. The clouds were amazing.

Our walk today was interesting. The state park trails are quite torn up as it looks like they are widening many of the main paths, possibly preparing to pave them. An old bridge is torn out and they are starting to build a new one. Lots of orange do not cross tape which contrasted interestingly with the inviting nature of fall at the park. I took a lot of pictures because I've grown up with that park and watching it change over the years/decades has been interesting. I used to hate every little change, wishing it all could just stay the same, but I've learned that the changes help to keep people from destroying nature and usually make the park more user friendly as well. I am excited to see all these promising changes happening in spite of the tough economy. But enough thought about that for now.... yawn. I am in a cozy sort of stupor tonight.

A lazy night awaits me. I've thrown a potato/cheddar casserole in the oven for daddy and me. Just because it felt right to have something warm baking in the oven after a chilly day. I've brewed some tea and plan on knitting and listening to an audiobook. Goodnight all.

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