Saturday, October 10, 2009

Halloween Costume Day

The kids have a friend over all morning and into the afternoon so I am taking advantage of being stuck in one place. I've been watching this awesome witch costume tutorial. I am making the hat from this video as I already have a skirt, vest and cape pattern I've been itching to use, but I'd love to try to make the whole costume from this video sometime.

My daughter is going to be a witch this Halloween in non traditional colors, pinks, oranges and greens. This has already been a productive morning, and I have her hat half done. Next I will tackle the brim so I am off to see if we have any wire hangers. There has to be one floating around somewhere.

I must say that this hat is going a lot faster than my son's Gandalf hat (or I should say the trial hat I am currently working on before I attempt my son's Gandalf hat). But I am much more skilled with glue and sewing machine than I am with knitting needles. I had found the perfect knitted/felted hat pattern that I thought I was capable of and went for it.

I might need to rethink that however as this instant gratification stuff is really intriguing after the knitting and knitting and knitting. We'll see. For now I'd better get back to the costuming. Pretty soon the friend will return home and I'll have nothing keeping me from dragging the crew out to a park somewhere to crunch through some leaves.

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