Monday, October 5, 2009

Show and Tell

My little guy caught me admiring his picture and wanted me to put it on my blog to 'show all your friends'. Who can deny such a cutie? I was actually really excited to see his picture because I believe it is the first time he has ever incorporated writing into a picture all by himself. My boy's memory is sharp and his physical ability is amazing, but his fine motor skills came later than my daughter's did and he embraced writing more slowly. I've never forced him because even his pictures stayed scribbles for a long time, just recently taking actual form and more recently having detail. So this year was the first realistic year for him to tackle letter formation. Now he is naturally embracing the letters as a tool for expression and this mama is happy!

A detail of the masterpiece. Notice the little caveman yelling, "Ahh!" :) Also, right by my thumb he wrote 70000 (backward 7). He told me that was the time. He is a bit obsessed with time and watches the clock a bit manically. I taught him a little thing I learned as a child, when the clock says 11:11 it is time to make a wish and he has expanded this. Now we make wishes when the clock says, 11:11, 12:12: 12:34, and 'mini' wishes for when the clock says three similar numbers like 2:22. He even hollers out to 5:55 that it is the last wish of the day. He's like a little cuckoo clock of wishes.

But I was a bit puzzled at the extra zeros, for a kid so time obsessed it seemed odd. I asked if it was 7 o'clock and zero seconds. He informed me that it wasn't clock time it was year time. It was 70,000 BC because he thought that might be when the cavemen lived. My first thought was 'Yay! He's been listening!' As I really had no idea if he was grasping the whole BC/AD time thing, so this was cool. My other thought was how I just glossed over the stone age because I wanted to get into the ancient civilizations and the cool projects they promised, and that I have no idea of the actual place on the timeline where my son's little guy belongs. So I stopped on here to google that info for him, but had to take a second to share my son's picture with all my friends, as requested.

It is currently 12:35 pm, and if you were at my house you could hear my son hollering, "Make a wish because it is past the time!" Hope everyone is having a Monday filled with good wishes and happy surprises.


cousin Deb said...

What a cute and bright little boy!

Katherine said...

Hey Candy,

All of this, your son, his work, your art, the apple drink, the whole yummy vibe here is cheering me up today. Thank you! :O)

Love, K