Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today was gray and rainy...

The kind of gray and damp that makes you feel like you are in an underwater bio-dome. So we kept busy inside, working and playing. Sewing. Lots of sewing was tackled as the children informed me that Halloween is just a howl away and I haven't finished one costume yet.

Here I am dismantling a worn out/too small fleece sweatshirt. I am hoping to use this as the body of a jacket for my daughter's costume. Wish me luck on that vision. I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Some pieces of my daughter's costume. Orange and pink is her 'funky witch' color scheme. I am currently trying to sew this pattern. It is so cute... but maybe beyond my skill level? Not sure yet. I've never successfully gathered a skirt before. But there is always a first time.

I had help! Don't worry, he's not putting his cute little fingers that close to the needle in action. He is raising the presser foot.

More help. Actually, they helped my mood a lot, but didn't actually sew on the costumes. They love the sewing machine so much, it makes it hard for me to hate it - even when it is giving me trouble. They sew paper, trying out all the fancy stitches to make pretty cards and decorative paper. Every time they hear the machine start up they come running asking for their turn. I love how familiar they already are with a sewing machine. Maybe next year they can take over sewing the family Halloween costumes. I was joking, but that would actually be pretty cool.

So that was part of our day. I do like rainy days, but it is hard to be patient with them during fall. There is just such a short time that we get the amazing color from the leaves. Selfishly, I'd like the windy, rainy days to happen after all the leaves have fallen. Then again, I suppose if every day was gorgeous outside then I would definitely not get the costumes done!

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