Thursday, November 12, 2009

Random Thought Thursday...

• Today was over before I got used to being a part of it.

• I am trying to figure out where to eat breakfast tomorrow. We scheduled a long weekend off together and the husband is taking me out to breakfast/brunch. We don't go out to eat that often so this feels like a bigger decision than it really is.

• I had a sore throat today and hope I am not getting sick. Nothing like a pandemic to make every little sniffle scary. I remember the good old days of being paranoid about moles and lumps, now cold and allergy symptoms are enough to send someone into a hypochondriac frenzy.

• My daughter read Calvin and Hobbes cartoons to my son for two hours today which melted my heart. Ummm... I never remembered the cartoon about Calvin smoking a cigarette. Of course my kids thought that one was the funniest.

• I am still in my jeans. Why? Pajamas were called for hours ago.

• It took me 14,000 words into a romance novel to figure out there is no way I will ever be able to write a love scene. I don't know if that is funny or sad. I even spent a very uncomfortable half an hour on a website that offered helpful lists for people so stuck. It just gave me a headache trying to read through my fingers as I was half covering my eyes like a little kid doing something naughty. Is there such a thing as rated G romance novels? Is that how/why the Chick Lit genre was started?

• Sigh...

• Want chocolate.


Heather said...

If by "love scene" you really mean "sex scene," I'd say skirt it. I can't even tell you how many heart-crushing, passionate love stories I've read that were spoiled by love scenes that, in an attempt not to use smutty language, were just silly. If it can't be done seamlessly, better to go for "the door closed...then they wake up the next morning" route.

Have some chocolate and feel better, chica!

Mommylion said...

Heather, your blog post really struck a cord with me. I write and write and spend so much time on this novel 'for fun'. Meanwhile, all the worthwhile things I could be doing pile up around me and I find it doesn't feel so fun.

There needs to be some sort of purpose behind something that takes so much of my time. Publishing, bah... not a romance with no sizzle. :) So what to do? Just stopping seems like a shame, but I am not sure there is enough chocolate to see me through this project.

I'm giving it one more night. We'll see how it goes.