Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweet Children of Mine*

Warning: Unapologetic sappy mommy blogger type kid swoon post.

He's a warrior ninja... Can't you tell? This is his 'ferocious' face and his ninja hair style. What? You've never seen a ninja with five ponytails? Well, you have now. BTW, I did his hair to his specific instructions. He was very opinionated about how this needed to look.

Awwww... isn't it cute? Oh, I mean, terrifying? Completely unnerving in battle, I am sure. I can picture the enemy gasping out... "Dude. What is up with your hair?" As they pass out from laughter. (Don't get me wrong, I love his hair. It just doesn't look the same to me as it does to my son.)

This kid cracks me up. Yesterday he told me that he has tried and tried to bite his toenails, but he has never succeeded. He was very serious when he confessed this. I tried to act appropriately disgusted. But really, I bet he even bites his toenails in a cute way. He can't help it. He might try to come off as all tough and gross but he was just born to be cute.

Today when his sister was explaining to me why she smelled like apples (some spray she received as a gift), he chimed in and told me that he smelled like ideas. Sometimes the cute is almost too much. Painfully delicious.

And this sweet thing? Don't you just want to chew on those cheeks? She gets those from her mom, but that is almost the only thing. Hard to believe this tall blonde kid came from her dark hobbit of a mother. She is about half a shoe size away from mine. Sadly, I think that we will miss out entirely on shoe sharing since I don't have an eight year old kid's taste in shoes.

She too was very opinionated about how her hair was supposed to look. This picture makes me itch to trim her bangs, but she's proven to be very stubborn about this and refuses to let me near her with scissors. She gets that from her father. The stubborn part. (Don't laugh, mom. It's my blog so I get to decide where the stubborn comes from.)

A few years back I would have never believed that I could spend a morning braiding and putting ponytails in my kids' hair and it would bring me a contentment similar to meditation. Especially since I have never been one to fuss much with my own hair.

It is so hard to believe that it wasn't just yesterday that she was bald and referring to herself in third person. Now she can often be found camped out in front of itunes, memorizing songs with a crazed concentration that I never expected before the teen years. Parenting is a continual study of the unexpected.

I am so grateful for these little people in my life. They sure notch up the amount of silly I am exposed to each day, and that I think, is the secret ingredient to happiness. Silliness with a dollop of laughter.

Wishing you and yours a very silly Wednesday!

*BTW, I am not forgetting my stepson. He is just less happy with me acting all sappy over him on my blog ever since he decided to grow up on me.


val said...

I love looking at their sweet faces. Thank you for this. love, V

rae said...

" I smell like ideas." I just love that!

Katherine said...

I love how, in the first picture, your little ninja looks like he has baby sideburns. Almost like a tiny baby Jack Black. TOO CUTE. You're right. They are so cute. :)

cousin Deb said...

Lovely post!

Mommylion said...

Thanks everyone :)

val said...

The "I smell like ideas" reminds me of the morning Tim told me had "slept 40 pounds." I'm laughing just typing it. They're so sweet. love, V