Friday, December 4, 2009

Finish it Friday... Better late than never!

I thought I'd use a Friday meme I've seen around the crafty blogs as means of inspiration to my winter slow self. I am trying to finish these little Advent Calendar Cones (yes I know I am four days late). Yesterday was our first snow of the year AND my husband brought home a real Christmas tree!

The kids have never experienced a real tree, and we haven't had one in ten years. So it was pretty exiting! Right now it is drinking water for a day and we plan to decorate it on Saturday. It is a sweet little tree. The branches have already started to drop quite a bit from this picture and it is filling out nicely. Not that I'd really care. I'd be happy with a Charlie Brown tree, if it came with the lovely real tree smell!

So this means the Christmas music is officially playing, the stockings are hung, my entryway is decorated with fresh boughs cut from the tree and cinnamon scented pine cones.

We are officially feeling festive. Snow seems to be the key to the start of the holidays, for us folk that are used to nature providing well defined seasons. A long snowless fall is so nice in some ways, but the darkness and lack of snow sure mess with my internal clock!

Here a few shots from this morning's craftiness...

The pile of triangles I cut the other day. Some of this material is stuff I've had since high school. Some my mom gifted me. Some I bought for projects long forgotten. It is nice to use it all together like this.

I'm set up in the living room so the kids and I can hang out and listen to Christmas music and fight over the sewing machine. They like to try to take it over whenever I bring it out!

A nice mess. I love crafty messes. They are so much more fun than regular messes.

Here is the almost finished product. I think I'll add tags for the numbers. I don't mind so much that this will be 'late', since it will be all ready for future years and I am sure the kids won't mind as they aren't even expecting anything at this point.

All and all a sweet, quiet, and happy start to December. Wishing everyone who reads here the same!

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Glenda said...

these are great. good to hang stuff in at any time, thank you for sharing , love your blog lots. love glendas from s/b