Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Of course that is easy for me to say since I don't have to go anywhere, and in anticipation of the storm I scheduled a free day for our business on Thursday. It is supposed to still be storming on Friday, but living with snow is part of the Michigan package. We can't take them all off in advance. Sometimes we just suck it up, dig ourselves out and go on about life. Other times we take it job by job, hour by hour, based on safety.

“We have a very deep storm coming toward the Great Lakes, one of the deepest ones we’ve had in years... The unusually intense storm system is going to have very high winds, easily 25-35 gusting to 45-50 in open areas." - A quote from our local paper about the storm that has yet to hit. The snow pictured was just the appetizer.

According to the paper, eleven inches of snow had already fallen by 11am and will probably go way past the sixteen predicted inches. And 'the storm' hasn't even hit yet! The schools in the area were closed today and closed in anticipation of tomorrow's storm. Lots of happy kids in town today. That means dance class is canceled for us, which makes me happy! I like to avoid driving until people get their snow brains back on. The first few weeks of winter driving is like watching bumper cars driven by drunk, lead-footed idiots. I wish I were exaggerating. People calm the heck down again after a bit, and then I don't mind snow driving so much.

Today was lovely. (Once the people I love got home from the few jobs they didn't cancel, of course. I get nervous with my boys on the road.) The snow was gorgeous! I wish I knew some of the different words for snow that Eskimos use. This snow was incredibly packable and tinged a gorgeous blue. Shoveling it was easy since it stuck together so well, but wasn't frozen at all. I wish I knew its name. Lumping it together with all the other kinds of snow seems wrong. This snow is special. Heck, I half expected our snowman to start talking after being built with this magical stuff.

The winds haven't started yet. When we were out playing my cheeks didn't even get cold. I am guessing it was barely cold enough to snow, but just cold enough to keep it all snow, no slush and ice. Yet. When the winds start tonight the word cold should really mean something to the folks in my town. But by then we will be well snuggled in with blankets, cocoa, books and movies. Our home warmed with baking. We plan on making cookies, apple crisp and I have a pot roast on the stove right now. Mmmm.... We are ready for some serious snow day lazing!


cousin Deb said...

That storm hit here at suppertime this evening on the east coast of Canada! I'm just praying we don't lose power! Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Your snow looks gorgeous. My Anna would be so jealous. She is determined to make a snow angel in the 1/2 inch of snow/ice we have on the ground.

Love, Rae