Sunday, December 20, 2009

Piano/Violin Recital 2009

It was a wonderful night! A perfect combination of serious performance in front of an audience, and laid back so the kids felt comfortable. I made a million and two cupcakes for the reception afterward and programs for the performance, and the kids had practice before the recital, so we were BUSY yesterday. So I've declared today stay at home in pajamas day. Ahhhh... laziness, I do embrace thee.

Yesterday was a lot of fun though, in all of its frenzied glory. I didn't take video because the show was recorded and we can buy a dvd of the whole thing. Seemed a lot easier to do it that way, leaving me free to just snap a few pics and then enjoy the performance.

The kids played amazingly. I was a proud mama. I'd have been proud even if they hadn't rocked the stage as awesomely as they did, but it is always nice to see practice pay off. Kind of reinforces the whole purpose of practice and all that good stuff. Afterward we had two rounds of visitors over to snuggle the new puppy and hang out with us. Just a good day all round.

Now, I must return to my day of leisure. I have a sleeping puppy on my lap, the husband is cooking dinner in the kitchen, the kids are playing, and life is good. A great way to end the weekend! Hope this coming holiday week is wonderful for everyone. Relaxing, comfortable, safe and fun!


val said...

what a beautiful occasion. love, Val

Sara said...

The stage looks lovely, and the kids do too!

Anonymous said...

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