Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hi, Mom! I'm blogging! I'm blogging!

My mom is threatening to send me a full spectrum light because she insists my lack of blogging is evidence of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It isn't easy having family members work for the local mental health system. I have two. I do not think it is fair that I am related to someone who can officially 'diagnose' my idiosyncrasies. Esp. since that person is one I've tortured big sister style in the past (sorry sis). Messes up one's perspective and all, I'd say. So I reject the suggestion that I need a full spectrum light, though I honestly don't know anyone in my state that isn't a bit sluggish this grey time of year. But no, I don't think SAD is my excuse.

If I must have an excuse, blame winter viruses finally catching up to my family. One after another, we've battled various bugs from the holiday season on. I've kept myself mostly healthy with an insane arsenal of vitamins, minerals, elderberry syrup, and pretty much any sort of old wives tale I can try without regret. Someone has to hold down the fort and be up for wee hour hand holding, puppy walking and breathe right strip applying, right? And oh, have I.

My other excuse is that instead of making New Year's Resolutions this year, I just made a list right before the holidays of things I want DONE and started doing them. Forget spreading it out over the year. Let's just get it done already and nap through February. And well, I've been plugging away. Things are actually starting to look like I've always wished them to around here. Sure there is room for improvement, isn't there always? But, we are decluttering nicely, my new printer is installed with only one or two little issues, books are organized, art supplies and material stash is getting tamed, the years worth of homeschooling is falling into neat little piles. See! Perfect reasons NOT to blog, right?

But I get it. Along with not blogging, I haven't been reading my favorite blogs either, and I watch the numbers grow on my google reader and feel a bit bummed not to be humming along in the neat connectedness that blogging offers. In time. In time. Maybe I'll make a resolution after all? To blog more steadily after January. Hmmm.... maybe.

Actually, if I declare a resolution for 2010, it is to rid my family's diet of excess sugar. I watched an eye opening video awhile back on a friend's blog. It is an hour and a half long, but once I started it, I was entranced. It should have been a life changing moment, but as the holidays were approaching cutting way back on sugar didn't seem doable. Now, however. In my world surrounded with snow, cold and blinding white, the brilliant color of the citrus fruit at the store is calling loud to me to start this thing. Not diet, not even drastically change the types of foods we eat for most meals. Just removing most of the sneaky sugar. Turning sugar into a choice, not a passive thing we imbibe in without thought.

So there. The back to blogging post I've so promised my mom for weeks now. And the video. Because seriously, if you watch it - you will see why this is on my list.

Happy 2010! Hope it proves to be a happy and healthy year for all who stumble by this wee blog of mine.


Mommylion's Mom said...

Hooray! You're back - and I really enjoyed your post, as always! However, must admit that the sugar lecture was very upsetting. I am emptying my cupboards of the sweet and nasty stuff this weekend. Thanks for the information (I think!) - and...ok, no more suggestions about the SAD light. :)

Mommylion said...

xoxoxo MOM xoxoxo

Critter's critters said...

Paybacks... you have labeled me your whole life- and while "irritating/demanding little sister" hasn't made it into the DSM-IV, I carry the similar disdain with being labeled. (I haven't blogged in a while either- I wonder if mom is ordering spectrum lights in bulk :) ).
Didn't watch the video yet- I had chocolate covered raisens in my lunch and wanted to enjoy them peacfully.