Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good mail day = Good craft day!

Today was a good mail day! I won an auction for plastic vintage watch crystals for a steal on ebay and received them today along with my favorite magazine. It felt like Christmas! You might remember a year or so ago when I won some glass watch crystals? No? Well, here's a link for you. 

I've been using the glass crystals for mini plates and windows for miniatures, but I've had some brainstorms for other uses, but glass wouldn't work for the new ideas. Hence my need for plastic. What ideas? Oh, I am glad you asked. My heart is geeking out in glee over my newest little craft pursuit.

First though, I must share my artsy picture of the day. I like how the crystals mimic the bubbles that are in my half washed blender. Oops! I forgot to finish cleaning that yesterday. Oh well, if I had been quick to do all the chores, I would have missed the beauty in the mess, right? I wonder if that excuse would work on laundry? I could use some beauty in laundry perspective about now.

I put the crystals in an empty spice jar on my favorite shelf. I like keeping as many materials in sight as possible, so the supplies won't molder away in drawers, out of sight/out of mind. A few weeks back when I organized my kitchen I finally went through all my old spices and emptied out the ones that have been around longer than my children. I soaked off the labels put them to good use storing some of the little random things in the art room.

As I put the crystals away, the jar full of little gears caught my eye... hmmm.... So down a few jars came, along with my Judykins DG3 that I've talked about before here. See, this is why I like to keep stuff in sight. You never know when the old brain is going to put things together. I had planned on making pendants with the crystals, but I hadn't thought of putting gears in them until I saw them together on the shelf today. So of course that meant I had to do it right now! Better to make art than sort socks, grandma always said. Well, no she didn't, but my grandpa would have if he had ever been tasked with sorting socks. My heart tells me this is so.

I did this on an Altoid box for two reasons. I was too lazy to get paper for under the crystal and the box was right on my desk. And it also is a good way to show size perspective. Below is a close up of the back of the crystal which is the side I am filling. I basically filled the crystal (which is the glass face of a watch) with some of the DG3, then I layered in little watch gears one by one and then wrestled with the bubbles for awhile, trying to make it all appear to be seamless glass.
The DG3 shrinks as it dries so I have so far added a couple coats to it. This photo above is shows the pendant after I put in a second coat. I was hoping to attach a jewelry finding to the top and then use it as a necklace pendant. I suppose it could be wired into a bracelet or ring even. I am loving this! And I have 100 to play with! Woohoo!
Here is a shot of the front. Yes, I have NO fingernails at all, ignore my fingers please. I still need another coat and to find a thing to glue to the top to make it a pendant. I don't know why this tickles me so much, it just does. Probably because I've finally succeeded in creating something I will wear. I love little gears and things, so this is my kind of jewelry.

The sun was shining all day today! The snow melted enough that our snowman is barely a small hill. It was enough to get my old gears turning (Ha! Sorry, couldn't resist.) Corny pun, but true enough. It is fun to have a day when everything links together and turns out well. Now I am just hoping that I can resist the lure of the rest of the crystals until I can wrestle control of the laundry and chores that are already threatening to overtake my world. I should at least finish washing my blender!


Deb said...

That is the cutest thing! They are so tiny. What is DG3?

Katherine said...

You make me want to be a craftier person. muah!

Eem said...

I love the look of this for jewelry! I think the gears are the greatest! So cute and inspired.

panamamama said...

That is awesome! Also like the jars on the shelf. My daughter and I have so much craft "junk" and it's hard to find when we want it. That would be much easier (and neater!)

Johanna said...

That "ignore my fingers please" part made me laugh :D

candyn said...

Deb - DG3 is an art gel that is thicker than Modge Podge. Like a thick sealant. I love it but lately have had trouble with it clouding up. Bummer that.

Katherine - Muah!

Eem - thank you! Thanks for commenting :0)

Panamamama - I had all my stuff in drawers in such for a long time and it just seemed to multiply and never get used. I can't believe what a difference being able to see it all makes. And thank you for commenting!

Johanna - Thanks for visiting and commenting on my little blog.

Emma! said...

So intricate! Very impressive.

--emmanemhandmade on swapbot

Jennifer McLean said...

I envy you just a little. :o) I would love to create this kind of stuff but starting a whole new kind of craft isn't in the cards right now. I'm learning to paint in watercolor and have to stick to purchasing all the stuff for that. It is wonderful, though, to have so many little things that make you feel creative, isn't it? Just being able to see and touch all the findings must make you want to create something!
~Jaemac from swap-bot

Maria Isabel said...

What a great idea! This is so adorable!
-mariaisabel from swap-bot

Ambrosia Jefferson said...

Isn't great mail and craft days great? I love that bead with the gears in it.


SaraswatiChB for Swapbot said...

What a great steampunk pendant. You are so originally creative. Have you thought about sending in the tutorial with the fairy to one pretty thing so they could link to it on their site?

Fabi said...

I love your shelf. It looks really cool. And I love the look of the jewelry. It is cute.

Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

Glenda said...

wow, way too cool, love glendas s/b

Agnes Sim said...

ya..wat is DG3?
good job

Jessica said...

I love getting crafty stuff in the mail it makes my day. I love reading what you wrote, you totally crack me up. Great idea and very crafty.

j3ss1ca (SB)

The Creative Place said...

This is SO cute!! So inspiring :)

TheCreativePlace from sb

shafarina said...

Oh I love the last one. And neat shelf and jars. My craft place is.. messy.