Monday, March 1, 2010

View from my chair in the middle of Monday...

Usually, I shamelessly stage the photos I take; clear the tables, pick up scattered blankets, use creative angles. I see no problems with doing this, as this blog is the version of my life that I see in my head, and I like to think of myself as an optimist.

However, lately the more 'real' scenes have been capturing my eye and therefore my camera lens. Or maybe, I've just gotten lazier... ;0) Whatever my motivation (or lack thereof), I offer you this nice mess. Why? I have really no idea why. Just because I guess since you are visiting my blog, you might as well share in my moments. For good and bad. For clean and for cluttered. In sickness and in health. So help me, blog. Wow, I've finally lost it, haven't I?

This is the scene from my chair after I've just finished working with the kids for awhile. For better or worse, this is how we roll. At least until the mountains of snow melt and we can cart the whole shebang outside. Btw, the furry black puff at the bottom of the picture is my dog snuggling beside me. Oh, how I love that little creature.

Ah - here is a more artsy shot. Still cluttered, but the light hits the side of the basket and the water bottles in a way that calls to me. Also, shadows hide many flaws... Shadows are my photographic friends.

We'd finished our projects for the day, so here I am in the process of gathering tomorrow's things into the proper bins. Otherwise there would be kids on the little chairs, not boxes and folders. And I'd have cuter pictures to share with you instead of the mess I was too sluggish to tackle. Warm, sleepy puppy on my lap. That is a pretty good defense for laziness, at least it is in my optimistic, happy blog world.

Here is a shot that shows my favorite basket in the entire house. Under the 'coffee' table is the bin that holds the fun stuff; math manipulatives, human body models, chess pieces, all the good stuff. I've decided that even when the kids grow and move on, I will keep this basket complete with the good stuff. Either that or I will fill it with playmobil. Just because I think random containers of playmobil should be found more often in the homes of adults. I feel rather strongly about this.

The empty green bin is mine still waiting to be filled with tomorrow's agenda. Yes, even I have a 'to do' bin. Because, well... "Hello, my name is Candy, and I've been an organizational addict for..." I kid, I kid. No, no. Really, I don't. However, define 'problem'. There are no victims in my container addiction, now really. Let's not judge the girl from Michigan so soon after February, okay?

Sigh... Why am I writing this post again? Oh, yeah. Public shame. I forgot the theme for a moment.

Actually, on a less self depreciating note, I recently mentioned the changes we've been going through with education and how it has been tiring me out. We are finding a nice rhythm again, so to be honest, this cluttered, active scene makes me feel happy inside, and probably explains my urge to capture it on film.

My boy's reading hit that sweet spot and BOOM, suddenly I had to restructure our days to fit the needs of two very capable readers/writers. So it's all good. Well, except the clutter level maybe. But hey, clean table tops are over-rated, at least in my rose colored corner of the blogosphere.

By the way - Happy first day of March!!! Winter is so almost out of here! Woohoo!


Deb said...

Hey, do you hire out your organizational skills? ;)

Sara said...

Love it! Thanks for showing your clutter!

candyn said...

Deb - lol. I properly balance my organizational skills with a healthy dose of lazy. (Which is why I actually need to be so organized I think. It is a vicious circle.)

Sara - I like seeing the polished and the clutter on other people's blogs, so I got brave. ;0) Often the best parts of life are messy, yes?

Emma! said...

Phew! So glad I'm not the only one that accumulates a crafty mess! Maybe there is hope for me yet :)

--emmanemhandmade on swapbot

Jennifer McLean said...

Sometimes clutter can be quite beautiful. For instance, here it shows that you love your family. :o) I have to say, though, that I too am a container addict. Yep, lets start a 12 step program for container-aholics. I come by it honestly, though. In my growing up years if I stood still for too long I ended up in a container with a label stuck to my forehead. hehehe. Mom is the original organizaitional freak, and I'm a chip off the ole'block. Thank god, though, because if she didn't instill the "put it away in a container" rule I'd be like oscar the grouch, living in my own junk pile!!
Have a happy Easter in Michigan.
~Jaemac from swap-bot

jozen said...

i love how colourful all your storage baskets are :)

Fabi said...

I have a lot more chaotic room for doing my crafties. It is so chaotic here. I guess I will think about some new sorting things. Maybe I will find some stuff like you use :)!

Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

I love your eloquence and honesty in your words.


ElizabethMD (swap-bot partner)

shafarina said...

That is clean and neat. Even after a nice work with the kids. Really nice mess, as you put it.