Monday, April 12, 2010

Mail good, Taxes bad. Which pretty much sums up my week...

Meet my new pretty. I got her from here... this lovely artist's etsy shop. Laini Taylor is an amazing artist and is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I discovered her blog awhile ago when I was researching the Laini's Ladies I found in a local store. Which led to me buying (and loving) her books, which led to me buying (and loving) her art... Which led to me sounding like a creepy stalker. But whatever, girl's got pink hair. What can I say?

I've had an itchy paypal finger lately. It has a lot to do with taxes and medical stuff and how if I stay up too late at night when I am nervous, I either eat or start cruising etsy and ebay. Luckily the medical stuff is almost over, and so far so good. My mother-in-law had knee replacement surgery last week and all went well, and I had some tests done that have turned out fine. Good thing, because I ended up ordering two prints, one for each medical drama. If things hadn't gone well I'd have ended up with lots of pretty art, but no home to hang it in. Dreaded paypal button. I haven't received my other print yet, but I'll post a pic when I get it.

Taxes... Oy. That is another story entirely. Taxes are so yucky that I actually lose my appetite over them, and of course I can't shop when what I am freaking out about bleeding money. So I resort to my other nervous habits. Crafting and cleaning. Surprise, huh? I am sure my counselor sister has a few labels she can assign this behavior. But she's younger than I am, so we really don't have to pay any attention to her, now do we?

So thanks to my nervous cleaning/crafting habit, this picture is of my newest little craft corner. I took a cd shelf I had stashed away (who has cds anymore right?), dusted it off and placed it beside my chair. It clutters my space up a bit, but it holds all the materials I have been working with lately. I do have an art room, but I like to sit in the middle of the action more often than not. So instead of carting everything back and forth, I made this space.

Here's a close up of my shelf. I got addicted to making the doll in a little box home after I made one for a recent swap I was in. So when the past few weeks started stressing me out, I just kept making them. (Hush, sister. Industrious/Manic. Tomato/Tomaato. Whatever.) This shot shows some boxes I made out of scrapbook paper. The silver baby cup holds my clay carving tools that I purchased what feels like a few lifetimes ago, back in college. It is good to use them again.

Here is a shot of some of the dolls in their alien phase. Every time I see this picture I get tempted to watch the movie The Fourth Kind. I've heard intense things about it. I'd love to watch it, but I also love to sleep. Not sure if one would happen after the other.

Then there is this mess. Uggghhh.... The piles of papers on the table and the box on the floor are only the very beginning stages of organizing the paperwork for my husband's business. There are four more boxes to sort after this one!
I don't know if I am more frustrated over his 'throw it in the box' method of filing or that I let these shenanigans go on for over two years. I suspect he used the 'mess it up enough and my uptight wife will take over' method of coercion here. Yeah, he got me. It works every single time. Maybe, I am too predictable?

Anyway. That's me and why my blog has been on silent mode lately. Well, part of the reason. Probably the best reason of all is that spring has actually visited my state early this year. We have flowers, ya'll - And have had them since March! See? Mother nature has been manic industrious too.

Here is a photo of the first kid picked bouquet of the season. Sweetness. 

Wishing everyone calm, health and wealth. Have a great week!


Critter's critters said...

Listen or don't... but I call it "effective coping". Yup, that's all I have for you today. I know you would be able to come back at me with my obsessive journal voyerism, or something along those lines. I walk a thin line- your the kettle, I'm the pot.
:) Love you big sis!

candyn said...

Hey, I like the term 'effective coping'. Very nice. Very nice.

I would think that being your obsessive journal voyerism probably just means you have found the perfect calling in a profession. You can tell your clients to write in a journal, you get to read it, and you get paid for it. Win/win. ;0)