Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Something I need to work on...

Last week, a friend emailed me asking for a photo of me with the kids. She needs it for a Mother's Day section in the local paper. This is not an honorary thing, it is a 'Hey, we need filler' thing. Since I used to work there this kind of request is sort of common, so I reluctantly I started looking for a photo. I mean, I am all for my kids being in the paper, but me? Ugghh... not so much.

I expected that it would be hard to come up with a photo that I liked of myself, but what startled me was that it was hard to come up with a photo of me at all (that wasn't taken using the computers low quality photo booth program). Oh, there are a few hundred of me that my husband took when I pulled a Britney and hacked all my hair off. Oh, yes I did. And lucky me, thanks to my husband's twisted sense of humor, there is a ton of proof. Yay. (Hey, I blame the hormones as I was weaning my daughter. Take my advice and don't tease a hormonal girl about her hair. Thank you.)

But it was a little sobering to realize that if something happened to me, that my flirtation with insanity would be the main photographic reminder of my life that I left behind for my kids. I need to get in front of the camera more. And the newspaper's lack of participation in the Mother's Day section is quite possibly an indicator that this is a common theme in families. The Father's Day special section is pages and pages of silly, happy, sweet, funny, touching and embarrassing pictures of dads with their kids, the Mother's Day section barely exists. Mom needs to be in more pictures!

I believe that mom needs to hand over the camera and step into the frame every now and again. I am making this a new goal for the current year. If I am snapping photos of the family I'll try to get one or two shots of me as well. I urge any camera shy person out there that might stumble upon this blog to do the same.

The above photo is what I eventually sent in. I was pleased to find it, and try to censor my inner critic and just fall in love with the happy memory the picture evokes. I can remember that my husband had to make me get in the photo. Now I am glad that he did. I will keep that in mind every time I protest having the camera aimed in my direction.

I can't wait to walk on our favorite trail that is in the photo. The weather has been willing, but my family has been so sick! Myself included, which is kind of funny. A month ago I actually got a little telling off by my doctor, because I hadn't been in enough to still qualify as a patient. I just don't usually get doctor-office-worthy sick. What am I supposed to do? Stop in with cookies or something? I had been in the office a couple years ago, but for things that 'don't count', a like tetanus shot and stuff that didn't require the doctor to see me. So when I went in for my boob drama a few weeks back (all clear!) I had to go through the whole process of becoming a patient again. My husband usually gets a couple ugly sinus infections a year, so I figured he did a good enough job representing the family.

Ironically, here I am just a few weeks down the road and about to call the doctor for myself. My girl went in yesterday and did need a prescription to get the crud out of her lungs and to clear up an secondary ear infection. My boy got over it all on his own. My husband seems to have just an average cold. For a change, I seem to be the sickest of all and ughh... I am so not patient when it comes to my own illness. This one is ugly, as in I look like a swamp monster. It seems to have attacked my face, my eyes and nose especially. After several days of constantly watering eyes, I am surprised I still have eyelashes left after all the wiping away tears, and my eyes are almost swollen shut. Sexy.

Needless to say, I won't let anyone take my picture anytime soon. ;0) But after this all clears up, it will be one of my personal challenges for the year.

Wishing everyone a healthy and photogenic week!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got in the photo too, C. It's beautiful!!


Katherine said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, and thanks for this post. All I have of my Grandmother is her with her hand up blocking the camera. Her false modesty captured forever and me with tons of pictures of her hand. Sad.