Monday, May 10, 2010

I spy with my little eye...

I had planned to sort business paperwork today, so of course that led to me gazing out the window aimlessly. And what did I spy while I was supposed to be winnowing away at the paperwork towers that threaten to consume my spring?

Uh, oh - My neighbor has a hole in her roof line. Better get the camera out for a closer look... Nothing like checking out someone else's trouble to put my own in perspective, eh?

Zoooommmm... Yep. Quite a big hole actually. She'd better get someone over to patch that up before she gets critters in her attic.

Oops... Too late? I spy with my little eye, someone else's little eye. Someone found a cozy, dry home under a nice brand new roof.

Correction... Make that a few someones. At least four squirrel babies have found a nice warm home under my neighbor's seven month old roof. I don't know if the sides were left like that when the roof was done, or if she had soffits that blew down over the winter. So who knows how long she's been sharing her home. 

Oh my. They are cute, aren't they? Oh, but squirrels can do some damage, oh yes, yes, yes. I'll have to let my neighbor know. Poor neighbor. Poor squirrels.

Suddenly, paperwork doesn't seem like such a big deal. It could be worse, right?  I could be dealing with squirrels living under my brand new roof. Or worse, I could be a homeless squirrel. Perspective is a good thing.

Happy Monday everyone!


Jennifer McLean said...

Don't you think squirells are just the cutest? Those expressive little tails! We've had a duck running around our patio in the last few days, strange. Glad you're happy about the award, you deserve it. :o)

Annienygma said...

A friend of mine does animal rescue and he has a little rescue squirrel that was originally discovered by a Boy Scout troop. It was too tame to be turned loose in the woods (fears his random jumping on hikers would cause a rabies scare) so he was released in my friend's backyard. He will just jump right onto a convenient body part whether you are ready for it or not! They are so comical!

Juliana @ Shakti Mama said...

Love this, so precious. There's nothing like watching animals ... they are so intuitive and moment-by-moment creatures.