Sunday, July 25, 2010

I entered a video contest! EEK!

I Am Bossy is sponsoring a contest on her blog where the winner will receive a Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress. WOW! I'm so there! Oh wait! The only thing that had me stuttering a bit was you had to enter a video and post it on youtube. And it deadline is tonight. Oh my. And I am shy. I'm camera shy. Did I ever mention that? Oh goodness... so camera shy. So I was thinking this might not work for my horribly, intensely, unbelievably camera shy self.

BUT then common sense kicked in. Because dude, holy free Tempur-Pedic Cloud Supreme mattress batman. (Say that five times fast.) So my family and I put on our silly hats and danced around the room a few times and came up with something that made us laugh. We definitely will always remember today as a good day, since we had such a good time making this video together. And in the end that is all that is important, right? Though, sigh... can you imagine winning something like that?

I'm not going to post the video here, because I am not sure if that would break the publishing rules of the contest. I am so trying to pull my 'color outside the lines' self into submission for a proper entry. :0) But if you go to the contest link, I'm comment number 47. Ignore my Michigan accent, that is how folks sound around these parts.

I've obviously been away from my desk for awhile. SUMMER! Wow. What a warm and beautiful summer. I'm itching to return to the world of blog reading and writing though. I was trying to catch up a bit on the reading part today when I stumbled upon Bossy's contest.  I've been taking pictures along the way and have written many a blog post in my brain over the last few months. So I'll be back soon. Thanks to the people that have commented while I was away and to any new followers that arrived here in my absence.

Have a wonderful week! Forecast says hot with a side of rainforest/swampland-type humidity. Pretty much like it has been this whole summer so far. What that means for my personal forecast is curly hair, pink cheeks and another day of not mowing the lawn! I can live with that.

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Deb said...

Glad you're back. Good luck in the contest!