Saturday, August 7, 2010

Born to be wild...

This is my baby.

I like to think of him as a perfect specimen of boyishness. But will I admit, I see him through a haze of mommy awe and swagger. So, maybe not perfectly... but oh, he's rather heart-melty. All rough and tumble boy on the outside, and sweet, funny character on the inside. Basically, I kind of like him. He keeps me young while turning my hair gray all at the same time, just one of many parenting paradoxes.

His favorite song is The Authority Song by John Mellencamp. It suits him.

Yesterday, he informed me that he wanted to be a rockstar when he grew up.

Ha! Perfect opening for some mom psychology. See, it was his music lesson day and sometimes he likes to be a little tiny bit rebellious about such sport. Especially because he wants to play guitar and drum, but he gets lessons in piano and violin. He is too small for a guitar and we tried with the drums, but alas, our home is too small for that kind of chaos. Until one or both situations grow to accomodate the desired instruments, we have piano and violin. And in the meantime, I do what I can to pave the way for smooth music lessons.

So my clever self told my little rocker that he should totally go for it. And did he know that rockstars can play all sorts of instruments? And how lucky was he that he is already learning to play the violin and piano? He's ahead of the game! I mean, he's my kid. He was weaned on videos of Ashley MacIssac. So he knows that violins can seriously rock, right? So he should really pay attention at his lessons so he can get started on being a rockstar. Blah, blah, blah... mom talk... etc.

And you know what? It worked! He paid attention during his lessons and has even been practicing on his own a few times since. Go me!

Oh, wait! The story isn't done... Because, he fights authority - right?

In the middle of the night my boy had an allergy attack thanks to all the rolling around in the grass as seen in the above photos. On bad allergy nights we throw the boy into bed with one of us and the lucky parent goes to sleep in boy's bed. This helps us keep on top of asthma and fun stuff like that.

My guess at what happened, is that amid the snuffling and sneezing and the chaos that is a sleepless night, my husband and son agreed to go for morning haircuts. Bribes might have been exchanged. Desperate desire for sleep calls for desperate permissions. I understand this, and therefore do not judge....

What I woke up to:

My boy and his 'fauxhawk'. One music lesson and hairstyle closer to rockstar. 

Awwww.... Can you call someone with an faux-mohawk adorable? Hey, it is still better than this 'do! And I actually really like it. It fits his faux-rebel heart perfectly.

Edited to add: I just actually re-read about my boy's earlier silly hairdo from the post in the above link. In it I am blaming that weird hair moment on my allergies. I guess allergies are my go-to excuse when an interesting hairdo happens in my home. :0)


Deb said...

Go Mom!

Sparklee said...

Yes, the hair is adorable. Sometimes my son wakes up with a similar "do" and it isn't even on purpose! ;)

I have really enjoyed reading your blog since I found you on the blog hop, so I'm "tagging" you with a couple of blog awards! Here is the link:

candyn said...

Thank you for the blog awards, Sparklee. That is so sweet!