Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It is autumn. So we are here...

We are soaking in every bit of color possible. This year's color show is just kicking off. While it will be hard to beat last year's perfectly orchestrated blaze of color, this fall is certainly nothing to complain about. Such wonderful weather to walk in. And the cool air after the humidity that was this summer, is enough to make me weep with gratitude.

Birch wreckage. I love birch trees. Their papery white bark just makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Like world peace is possible or something. Seriously. That is how much I love birch trees. Even tumbled piles of birch trees. I made my family stop and pose here for a million pictures. Alas, I cannot share them because they all have smarmy "Oh great she's making us pose by birch trees again" looks on their sassy little faces. I guess the love of birch does not pass through the genes. It must be earned.

I had to include this photo because it shows the adorable habit my son has of copying my husband. He watches him out of the corner of his eye, and poses himself to match his daddy. It is constant and heart melting.

 They never wait for me when I bring the camera. I wonder why.

 The giant orange tic tacs that guard boaters from going over the dam.

I think we are about a week away from optimum color barring major wind storms. Autumn color is a fragile beauty and so fleeting. One minute brilliance and light, the next whiteness. Whiteness and cold. I am never quite emotionally ready for winter. However, winter does mean cocoa. And baking, warm pjs and early bedtimes. Certainly each season has its up side. I am a Michigan girl through and through and love having four distinct seasons to move me through the year. However, you may need to remind me of this later when I am grumbling from underside of February, okay?


Deb said...

I totally agree with the February grumbling thing! Your pictures are beautiful.

Sparklee said...

Lovely fall photos! And I love the one of your son copying his dad--so sweet!

Around here, we never know how much fall we're going to get, so we have to soak it in while we can!

val said...

The underside of February?

Well said.

I hate it too.

Fall is deceptively lovely. love, Val